First Steps. How to build your own game website!

Well, it’s been a VERY tough week. However I’m very proud of all the work I’ve done last seven days!
I’ve started running this blog-site, moved it to paid hosting, and got my-very-first-HTML5-game done!

Now I’m gonna share some information about how You can easily make your own game website!

If you want to make gamemaking something more than just a hobby you’ll definitely need your own website. It really becomes useful when you want to post some news about your game, or even host the game on your website, so other sponsors could see it. So, here I’ve listed 5 steps you need to follow to create your own site!

1) Firstly, Registrate on and create your blog-site.

2) Purchase Hosting. I purchased per-month hosting on HostGator for 9.95$ and this domain for 15$. Of course, 10$ is too much for 1 month, but now I prefer to pay 10$ for 1 month than 50$ for-a-year. You’ll have to wait around 48 hours until your domain will start working!

3) Install WordPress on your hosting. To create your blog at this hosting you’ll need to install WordPress on it. On Hostgator you can do it with QuickInstall Panel. Read the instructions how to install it on Hostgator here.

4) Now Everything is ready to create your site! Just go to your domain, login to WordPress, so you can enter WordPress Dashboard to edit your site. It’s extremely easy! You can add as many pages as you like, moderate posts, customize site design, etc etc. Among the other options there’s extremely useful one – you could export/import this blog to another wordpress blog. So if you already have a free wordpress blog, just export everything from there to an XML file (Dashboard-Tools-Export) and Import this file to your new blog (Dashboard-Tools-Import).

5) If you want to host your game. I use FTP to upload my games to the hosting. Download Filezilla Client, install it, and enter to your site using your cPanel Login and Pass.

So, now you have fully editable site where you can show your games to the sponsors or other devs, run your own development blog, and host any files you want!Well, hope these easy steps will help you to create your own website, reply or share if you liked it 🙂

And please feel free to contact me if you’ll have some questions!

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