BIG Annual Html5 Income report (Aug 2013 – Aug 2014)

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Hey guys!

Let me introduce myself 🙂 My name is Dmitry, I live in Russia( sorry for my bad Engish :/ ) in a small city called Ufa. I am a gamedeveloper, and for a last year I was making html5 games.  Before that I was making small casual games on Flash and Shareware games, and everything changed when I saw TrueValhalla’s blog! In this post I wanted to show my first html5-year income report, and to share some advices with you, which I have learned during the last year.

So let’s get started!

If you’ve just started your long way as an html5-developer, or you decided to create your own game PREPARE TO HARD WORKING. Game development is a complex process, that includes lot’s of activities you must learn. Graphics, code, sound, design and a business part, where your main goal is not only to make an awesome game, but to sell it by a higher price.


1st advice!

Try to make your first simple game and sell it!!! Don’t start with huge projects. Of course, you’ll get a lot of experience, but if you won’t sell it, the only feeling you will have is exhaustion. You should think about your first game as a product, mark the deadline for yourself and do everything possible to complete the project in time. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, It’s just your first game! You’ve only started, don’t waste your time to polish your simple game for half a year. Don’t forget that your first step should be not only to learn how to make an interesting game, it’s to learn how you can sell it!

2nd advice!

So you did your first game. You did your first game! This is awesome! Start your twitter, blog, show the game to the people! You should always show your game to the people, to make it better, cause the only one who could perfectly criticize your game is the one who played it.

3nd advice!

Create good quality games. Really. If it’s a small casual game, put a little part of your soul to it 🙂 Every game is a part of your personality which you share with the players. Don’t develop games just for the money.

4nd advice! 😛

If you sell your game to multiple sponsors don’t take the contracts less than 400USD per non-exclusive license! Your game is worth more, believe me.


The tastiest part

So, everyone loves numbers, right? 🙂

During the last year I made 5 HTML5games. 3 of them I sold exclusively. I used GameMaker for code and Photoshop for gfx. If you’re looking for a music/sounds for your game I could reccomend you this site !;)




14962 $   – Licensing

~50 $       – Ads ( + Leadbolt)




So that’ it! Thank You for reading this post, please don’t be shy, ask everything you want and See Ya! ;))